On Call Barber

Welcome to the On Call Barber site

Getting a haircut just became easier and more convenient; as technology moves us into the future businesses have changed the way that they do business while trying to find new ways to do business with a focus on giving the public more economical services and convenience. Better solutions that will have a big impact on services that wil be rendered to the public for convenience. There are some people who prefer to have their Barber come to their home if it is needed. I began to understand that this is a different time from what we are all accustomed to as far as what you usually see while going to the barbershop. The purpose is not changed and that is that the barbershop is a meeting place for young and old and for young men to be able to talk about anything and gain a little bit more knowledge about life or whatever situation the individual might be going through. A lot of people prefer sometimes to have services rendered at their homes because it makes it easier for that person to get in and out without having to wait. But so far I have been getting positive feedback from the public and good reviews about my services and being on time for appointments. My On call Barber Services will be on a Sunday Monday or if sunday or monday is not a good time please give me a call @260.206.9933; I start my day at 10 AM Monday through Friday and making an appointment really works out for me as well as the individual that wants their haircut but ultimately it’s a guarantee that you will be able to receive your services on time and in an orderly fashion.

taper fade haircut by Jammal Bey  high taper fade haircut by Jammal Bey taper fade haircut by Jammal Bey low even fade haircut by Jammal Bey