Getting a haircut just became easier and more convenient

The on call Barber business was established in 2005 in Marietta Georgia; I then came back to Fort Wayne Indiana to continue my on call services and to see if there would be success here in Indiana. The purpose of this service is to bring convenience to the public and to those individuals who prefer to have their Barber come to them. There has been a rise in crime against people who work in Barbershops and patrons who solicit their favorite shops to receive services. I have talked to a lot of people in different communities about receiving barber services at home and to my surprise the community embraced this concept; therefore, it was explained to me that a lot of people in the community were very displeased on how a lot of barbershop and employees conducted themselves while they were in the barbershop with their children. The public has concerns about their safety while they attend Barbershops; this is a disturbing concept that the public has to worry about their safety for themselves as well as their children. And this was very disturbing to me to hear that from young people as well as the older people. The concept of the barbershop, was a place were young men could get advice from the older gentlemen about life, politics and how to conduct themselves as young men and being productive in their communities. And their are still some good Barbershops out here that continue to lead by example and remembering the actual function and purpose of the Barbershop.